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How can I pay a deposit into or withdraw from a DSBC account?

There are two ways to send funds to your DSBC account:

SEPA transfers:

You can receive SEPA payments only in EUR to your individual IBAN number (found in the DSBC Financial Europe app) from any bank in the SEPA area. This is free and takes up to one working day, depending on the time of transfer.

International SWIFT payments:

From countries not in SEPA, you can receive funds sent in EUR via SWIFT payments to the DSBC International Account with the unique IBAN code provided for each account. For specific details about how to wire transfer using this method please contact DSBC relationship manager team. This transfer is free from the DSBC side but the sending bank and corresponding banks may charge fees. If you have registered a multi-currency account with us, the money you wire transfer in will stay in the same currency without suffering from any exchange rate. This means if you have two accounts with different currencies, the money transfer would go directly to the account, whose based currency is the same as the fund transferred in without exchanging or you doing anything. This is a real benefit we offer for residents in need of a foreign currency account for travelling or settling in a new country.

For cash withdrawal from a DSBC account

At DSBC, we understand the urgency when you need cash from your account, that's why we provide debit/prepaid for easier withdrawal of money, you can do this at any ATMs or cash point approved by Mastercard.