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Is there any extra fee associated with my offshore checking account during the time of usage?

There is no extra fee associated with your offshore current account during the time of usage, only an amount of €1,200 is kept to secure the monthly fee of Account Maintenance in 1 year and this required amount is not fee or charge.

With DSBC overseas business accounts, you are only charged according to the tariff in section “Account Fees” and there is no hidden fee at all. Should you still have any queries in terms of fees and charges, you can contact us by calling the DSBC hotline at +370 5240 5555 or WhatsApp/Viber +370 6380 7451 or private contact of your Relationship Manager for knowledge clarification.

DSBC Financial Europe is committed to maintain a transparent financial environment for our clients. This is the key element for us to build sustainable business bonds with customers as well as our business partners. All fees and charges are available on the public website www.dsbcf.com. To learn more about that, you can visit the link below.


Please note that fees and charges are subjected to change from time to time. DSBC Financial Europe will update new tariff to clients via email, news on website, notifications in internet banking or mobile app. We advise you to keep abreast of new information on our announcements.